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  • What is my Community 'profile'?


    Your area on Community

    Your Community profile page is a little area with a lot of potential. Not only can you personalise things such as your profile picture, cover photo, and send messages directly to other Community member, but you can also use it as an area to assist in content navigation. 

    How to access your profile

    Your profile is accessed via the top right hand drop down. You will only see this option if you have logged in.


    Things you can do on your profile

    1. Upload a profile picture
    2. Upload a cover photo
    3. Edit your profile to add an ‘About me’ section. Remember to not provide anything which can be used to personally identify yourself such as email address, location, things like date of birth etc.
    4. ‘Follow member’ can be used if you visit someone else’s page. If you ‘follow’ someone you will subscribe to their posts and will be notified each time they post something new.
    5. ‘Message’ can be used to directly message another Community member. Remember that all moderators and admin staff can see private messages, and please continue to stick to all Community Guidelines in private messages.
    6. ‘See their activity’ can be used if you like content that Community member has written and you want to see more.
    7. ‘Activity’ lists the areas each member has reacted in the Community.
    8. Reputation relates to the ‘leaderboard’ section of Community. The more you post, the more likes you get, and the more you interact with Community, the higher the likelihood you’ll get of being the top member of the day/week/month.


    Start by getting your profile picture added and go from there

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