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  • How do I start a new discussion?


    Community is a trading forum for IG clients

    Starting a new topic of discussion on IG Community is easy, however...

    • You need to be an IG client. If you're not a live client you can create an account, otherwise feel free to browse IG Community.
    • You will need to be logged in otherwise you won't see the required buttons to make a post. If you are not logged in you will only be able to see Community in a ‘read only’ view.

    Starting a new thread is very easy. Simply head over to the forums section on Community, and click the 'Start a new topic' option at the top.

    NB: If you are not in a specific topic board

    When you click on ‘Start a new topic’ you will see a pop up which will request you to pick which board you would like to post in. Once you have made the sub-selection of what you want to talk about (e.g. market discussions, new client questions, help and support) you will be taken to the appropriate board where you can make your post. 

    As easy as one, two, three...

    1) 'Start new topic' button


    2) Select your forum


    3) Make your post


    You'll notice that there are a whole host of different ways to format your text. Feel free to add images and links to media such as YouTube (notice how a copy and pasted link automatically turns into a video you can watch in Community), and format using bullet points, quotations and emoji. 

    You can also look into adding ‘tags’ which will make it easier for yourself and others to navigate the forum. The more often you use tags, the better the community will be. Tags are restricted to a set list, however if there is an additional tag you would like to use please just add a request at the end of the post and a moderator will add this for you, (e.g. Please can you add ‘Mark Carney’ as a tag to this post).

    Happy posting

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