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  • How do I ask a question?


    Trading questions and technical support

    The new IG Community grades questions and answers based on member votes to make sure the replies you’re looking for are accurate and surfaced as quickly as possible, whilst still leaving room for discussion and follow up questions on all threads.

    How do I ask a question on Community?

    We have divided the help and support section of Community into four areas, with a fifth area for suggestions

    Go to the relevant area above and click on the blue ‘Ask a Question’ button (you need to be logged in). It’s also worth having a search of the forum as well to see if your question has been answered previously, and don’t forget we also have the Help and Support portal as well.

    Questions and answers can both be voted on, with the higher scored content naturally rising to the top of the page. Get involved with IG Community by asking questions, voting on replies, and helping others if you know the answer.

    Questions and answers quick guide

    1. ‘Ask a question’ – Go to the relevant subsection as listed above and ask the Community (you need to be logged in)
    2. ‘Popular questions from the past month’ – Questions which are up voted will appear here
    3. ‘Questions with no best answer’ – Questions which have no confirmed ‘best answer’ are here. If you know an answer to one of the questions put forward by other Community members, why not drop a quick reply?
    4. If a question receives a ‘best answer’ vote it will receive a green tick. These are answered questions.


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