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Useful information for when you catch the virus  👀 🛌🥼🚑

Mr Yen @RealBrianWatt

thru human history, when you read stories of influenza deaths in the millions, and people playing cards in the afternoon and being dead by nightfall, it is usually a "cytokine storm" in the body that causes it.

A cytokine storm is an overproduction of immune cells and their activating compounds (cytokines), which, in a flu infection, is often associated with a surge of activated immune cells into the lungs. And then you basically drown

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Joe Weisenthal @TheStalwart

Lots of people this morning talking about @RaoulGMI's ominous thread on European banks. Here's his presentation over 7 years ago, where he called for an imminent economic collapse by 2013 based on similar charts.

Jonathan Davis FPFS FCII  @j0nathandavis

Euro Banks been soaring in price. DAX just hit ATH. Don't mention DB whose price is doing very well.




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Welcome to the future, Zerohedge has been banned on Facebook and Twitter for daring to produce an investigative report on the Chinese Bio weapons programme. In China police are calling on people who post info on the coronavirus telling them that only the government is allowed to provide news and if they don't delete they will be arrested.

The left leaning Liberal elite became 'the establishment' several decades ago now and having taken control of main stream media are now starting on social media.

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In 2019, borrowing in euros and investing in U.S. dollars would have generated a return of nearly 5%. By comparison, borrowing Swiss francs last year and buying U.S. dollars would have only yielded a return of 1.7%. Borrowing Japanese yen would have earned just 1.5%.

That has encouraged euro bears. Hedge funds have been ramping up their net short bets in recent weeks; net short positions are not far from a three-year high."


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Exploding volume of single stock options

1. Single stock options volumes (notional value) were at an all-time high to start the year, and are up another 77% in the past 6 weeks.

2. The volume traded in single stock options is almost as large as the volume traded in the underlying stocks themselves; this is a significant increase from 2016 when options volumes were only 30% of shares volumes.

3. The recent growth is driven by a handful of underliers including TSLA, AMZN, AAPL, GOOGL, MSFT, DIS and IBM"


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14 hours ago, dmedin said:

The lesson is, don't disobey American imperialism or else you'll be embargoed and economically ruined into submission 🤠

oh dear, Corbyn himself rattled this one off a couple of years ago but it wasn't true, the US didn't embargo Venezuela til 2019 when the Govt. used the army to murder people on the streets. The damage to the economy was done many years earlier and started when Chavez tried to install Govt. officials into the finance departments of the oil companies who, seeing the writing on the wall, packed up and moved on. The Govt. made up the bs excuse that the oil companies had discovered the oil was too deep to drill was why they left. Socialists get used to making up bs excuses on the spot because they need to do it so often.

There were still oil exports but the economy collapsed regardless and the leaders were forced to tinker with the system so then came the excuse that it was no longer real socialism but because socialism never works it always morphs, inevitably into fascism because socialist dictators never step down. They should have read their Marx who said socialism could not work in the long term but was a stepping stone to full communism. So the army murders on the streets, the secret police drag people away in the middle of the night never to be seen again and communication is shut down. Up til 2015 you would regularly see mobile phone footage of empty shelves and queues around the block for food but suddenly that all stopped. Of course by now the great dictator is really racking up the murders but no worries there, he'd really need to be going some to even get near the socialist dictator's leader board for murder scores.

By now of course the noose is so tight around the people's necks they can struggle no more so, far from being the cause of their plight the US is probably now their only hope.

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Lib elite globalist Bloomberg is to spend $2 Billion in what is basically a buyout of the Democrat party to either put himself on the throne or at least to be the man behind the throne. Like Soros these mega rich Liberals are the guys bankrolling the modern socialist agenda that's being rammed down everyone's throat not because they are socialist themselves but just to push through globalism and bring cheap labour to the west in order to keep their margins high. 

The ex republican mayor of New York now turned Democrat (again) is running for the party nomination to run for president will sweep the likes of Sanders aside and already has backing from Clinton and is currently considering Clinton as a running mate (god just imagine it). His net worth is over $75 Billion so $2 Billion is a small price to pay for a chance to be the most powerful person on the globe while the Democrat party sells out their voter base for cash.


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6 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

Lib elite globalist Bloomberg is to spend $2 Billion in what is basically a buyout of the Democrat party to either put himself on the throne or at least to be the man behind the throne. Like Soros these mega rich Liberals are the guys bankrolling the modern socialist agenda

Socialism for the rich you mean.

The social/culture wars stuff is totally compatible with global financial capitalism.  In fact, it's ideal because it allows the creation of highly profitable niche markets and it's a boom to marketers and hucksters of all varieties.

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6 minutes ago, dmedin said:

So that looks ridiculously complicated ...

IG recently did a video about trading books and the DailyFX editor said John J. Murphy's TA book is all you need.  But it doesn't have stuff like that in it.  Is it like taking a pen to a sword fight?

what's complicated about it? he's got his chart, his great big buy sell buttons to mash, the ladder to see his stacked orders and a performance score card 😃 

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