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I wouldn't expect you to know about such things but the US market hasn't actually opened yet.


The pin bar bounce off 24628 in the dow did signal a bounce up on the Australian and European market open though both moves have since faded.


Your hindsight analysis is spot on as usual.



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The pin bar bounce off 24628 in the dow did signal a bounce up on the Australian and European market open though both moves have since faded.


Your hindsight analysis is spot on as usual.


The pin bar bounce off 24628 :This is hindsight analysis after the event.:smileyhappy:


Please rephrase:MY hindsight analysis is spot on as usual.

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I was buying at previous supports  Why do you think people should follow your opinions and hindsight analysis?


Seems like the dunning kruger effect, posting so much thinking it is great information, in hindsight.Why did you not post before the bounce?You would have made 100 dunning Kruger points on the Dow.





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I can see you're struggling with this so let me help.


The dow daily pin bar close off support was a possible precurser for a continuation to the upside and may well "bodes positive for the Asian and European sessions" (from my original post). indeed the Aust and Euro markets did head off in that direction to start with but have since faded back, the dax pushed up 85 points before falling back to the morning lows this afternoon.


Now the US market is open we shall see if the dow will indeed push on the "challenge 25082" .


You see? two predictions in the one post, this is what real traders want, not the "I can only see a ranging market" based on hindsight analysis from your own post.

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You see? two predictions in the one post, this is what real traders want, not the "I can only see a ranging market" based on hindsight analysis from your own post.


That is not hindsight analysis.That is looking at your unprofessional analysis, little information is dangerous, A lot of punters would have lost money on this Dunning Kruger guru.Your Dow analysis is after the event and failed.


First learn to trade first, then become a forum guru.After being successful, you will not need to post on forums.How would you know anything about real traders?You worship all these quack charlatans on internet sites about chart patterns.


At least I was trading real money trying to catch the move at support.




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Oh look, a second daily pin bar bouncing off and rejection of 24628. Bodes well for an Aust and Euro bounce up on their respective open and Dow looks likely to challenge 25082. Oh wait, we've been here before, oh well, if it worked last time it will probably work again. 



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My analysis proved to be totally correct and you are shown to be thoroughly dishonest (again).


On Wednesday evening I said the dow close looked good for a positive euro open, dax duly rose nearly 100 points in the Thursday morning session.


On Thursday evening I said the same may well happen again, dax duly rose nearly 100 points in the Friday morning session.


It must be about time for you to take on another new identity here on the forum? You usually do each time you are outed and exposed as being a total fake.





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When people catch up with useless statements and analysis, where no punter trader, can make money. In fact anyone following you is likely to incur losses, First it was hindsight analysis in the first post, it failed and has lost money for anyone following our opinion.


You can't accept the truth! The trade idea lost money, it was one of the countless t/a opinions from you.It is obvious you are not a trader, but somebody employed to post useless charlatan education on forums, all copied and pasted from the internet..No real trader would take your trades.


Then you start threatening to have members banned.You work  in teams to get members banned?You can't have a decent conversation on your opinion, because you can not accept being wrong.


All trading forums suck,because of  the regular high priests of noise and lluzers on them.







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ea-trader your level of self delusion is amazing. I twice called the direction of the market on the open 8 hours in advance and you dismiss that hindsight. Your attempts to rationalise idiocy are laughable.


The market climbed 100 points on the open on both days, that's how an intra day trader makes money.


You should stick to your mini contracts that make you 4 pence a day and stop the delusion you are able to advise professional traders on what is right or wrong because you actually have no idea.

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The price only went up 30 points, you need to go to maths classes first.How can you make 100 points ,if it only went up 30.Highest was 24890  after your call at 24859(on your charts).Have you had your eyes tested recently?


Market goes up and down 100 points plus everyday, nothing for you to make a claim about  taking credit for it.


Not only are you suffering from the Dunning kruger effect but also the need to be right, another psychological flaw of the human mind.So now after fake analysis,you want to be right.







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You just can't ever be honest can you, no matter whether you are calling yourself oilfxpro or ea-trader or whatever. 


My call was for the market to rise on the open for both Thurs and Friday, there was no figure.


The first chart is Thurs morning from the London open at 8 AM showing a rise of over 70 points.


The second chart is Friday from 8 AM showing a rise of 97 points.


Having followed you for years I know how totally deceitful you can be but I pity the suckers who can't see through your delusional nonsense. You say I am trying to get you banned from the forum but I don't need to try, you do perfectly well for yourself. How many forums have you been banned from, 6 or 7 isn't it?  




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Get out of your non trading delusions


 Dow looks likely to challenge 25082. 


This is not a trade call,the price never broke there ,never went there.It never went there .There are plenty of fake price action gurus, who never place trades, called out in dubious manner, then they pretend they called a trade, which never happened.


In Fact it was such a poor analysis, all this useless technical price action analysis is worth zero, if you can't trade it yourself.The ol intraday forex price action guru  failed and changed clothes, now the high priest is jack of instruments, having a dunning kruger opinion on every thread, but master of none.




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At least I place a trade and show it is a trade.Now the quack guru is still waiting for challenging 25082, it has failed and been rejected many times below that.


Just start a new thread, this is too embarrassing to continue..If you were any good as a trader, you would not post on forums.









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Your typical deliberate misrepresentation = dishonesty. It was never a trade call it was summation of probable direction and it was right, a continuation to retest the prior level was plausible. Intra day you react to what price actually does, and lets not forget you yourself have never actually made a trade call ever. It is all pretence and deceit.


You rely on your options strategies that proved not to work, or your bots that proved not to work, or your custom indicators that have proved not to work.


If you are looking for embarrassing look no further than your own account history you posted (see pic below). No wonder you dare not step up from mini contacts playing for pennies per point. You actually post this and expect people to be impressed? Looks like you need to step back down to demo before you blow your £1000 account. 





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Somebody who pretends to trade, never actually trades,thinks he is some forum guru with dunning kruger characteristics, hangs around charlatan quack sites, posts useless nonsense from internet sites, actually  posts opinions for others to trade.


The trading forums are the blind leading the blind.


Those who actually trade  are inferior to the fake charlatan guru, one who does not trade at all!

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Er, you are trading mini contracts, that's not actually real trading, risking pennies to make pennies is not trading - but your self delusion leads you to believe you are a professional and so capable of giving advice to real professionals. Hilarious. 


After all these years of failure it's just as well you are retired and are really just playing about to fill in time isn't it.

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A quack suffering from the Dunning Kruger effect, thinks he is a doctor of trading, who can advise professionals to trade the Dow.


The quack tries to bash Goldman Sachs.If people don't listen to quacks on forums, people are more likely to make money.Goldmans were correct, the quack doctor of trading is wrong.Today eur usd is 11571, so avoid forum quacks.






As regards Dow it has been rejected 4 times since the early quack analysis.the quack dunning kruger character, is posting useless analysis  on every instrument.Those who can trade trade.  




I am looking for buy entries lower on the Dow, so topic is on course on the DOW.

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