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Major PRT problems this morning



PRT is broken this morning.


All of my watchlists are empty which normally contain FTSE100 shares for spread betting.


Also instead of automatically loading my favourite share charts saved from my last sessions (FTSE100 uk shares) it loads up the same EUR/USD chart multiple times in error.


Also I cannot look up any shares using the search function.


However PRT does remember the fonts, layout style of the charts etc from my last session.


All was working fine yesterday on Sunday at 10 am UK time but not this morning at 8 am on Monday.


Please fix urgently today.


Thank you.

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Hi mancunian -

I had exactly the same problem this morning.  I phoned chart support at IG (0800 409 6789) and all they could do was refer the matter to the developers.  They told me it could be a couple of days before the problem is addressed and I gathered that it is likely to require my stored template information to be reset to the previously good state (which, in my case, was how it was yesterday).

There was no information from IG that it had affected anyone else.  This is the kind of thing that might be addressed by email (with, perhaps, a link to a post on IG Community forums) as the information becomes available so that people who experience an issue like this are not left in the dark as to the cause of the problem.

I mention this because the problem as described occurs in v10.1 but not v10.3 (I haven't tried v10.2), but I had to find this out for myself.

I use PRT v10.1 because the later versions are cluttered with unnecessary "improvements" which in fact do nothing to improve the user's experience but rather make it harder to obtain a clear and straightforward view of price action.  But despite this I have the distinct impression that the folks at IG look down their noses at me because I find more value in the old version than the new ones, and that it is somehow "my fault" if problems occur.  It has even been said to me that v10.1 "is no longer supported" (whatever that might mean in the context of PRT versions) and that I shouldn't therefore expect help when it goes wrong.

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yes I totally agree.


The support staff at IG are very helpful and professional but in this instance I feel a lack of urgency as the problem is with 10.1 and not 10.3.


IG had approx 10,000 people using PRT 3 years ago and so a significant number must still use 10.1


The correct way to get people to migrate is via announcements with plenty of notice and running systems in parallel rather than just not fixing when the old when breaks.


I pay IG to use 10.1 and so it is only fair that when it stops working it is fixed with some urgency.  I trade multiple times per week and for reasons I wont bore you with cannot upgrade to 10.3 without huge inconvenience.


This means unless 10.1 is fixed I am unable to trade with IG for many weeks.


IG are good with their own platform issues but not so good with PRT issues and a broken platform is urgent.


Come on IG sort it out please.


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I agree with what you say too, mancunian.

In my own case it's not for the want of trying to make suggestions that would improve the PRT platform for me that I'm still dissatisfied with the later versions.  I have always tried to engage with IG positively on this but I'm always left wondering what black hole my suggestions have fallen into this time....

It would be great if IG Charts were any real substitute but, alas, they are even worse for my needs than PRT. 

In my own case, what I have is a couple of screens with one of them split between hourly and five minute views and the other with the daily view.  When I change instrument, all three views change to that same instrument.  It's just not possible to do this with IG Charts.

I realise that IG are in this to make money for themselves, but does that have to give rise to the suspicion that the more awkward they make it for their clients the easier it is for them? 

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We have escalated this issue to PRT and they are currently working on a fix, which is all we can do at the moment. I cannot give a date/time of when it will be fixed as it isn't in my hands and I don't yet know the cause of the issue. I would think it will be fixed today.


Currently around 5 clients on 10.1 have this issue, that I know of.


Unfortunately your preference being to use 10.1 and not the recommended 10.3 does not make this a top priority issue as you can still trade and use PRT in version 10.3.


Typically bugs are not fixed in 10.1 if they are not present in 10.3 as it is not supported in this way by PRT. This is how every software vendor in the world works - eventually older versions are not supported in full or at all. IG/PRT are not trying to make it awkward, it is simply how our support works.


10.1 will stop being available in the coming months so if you both have specific feedback about why you don't want to use 10.3 please send a technical report from PRT with your feedback. (Help > Technical support). PRT are happy to consider any issues you have with the settings in 10.3.




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top marks well done for resolving this.


I am very grateful - you have saved me a huge amount of work (weeks) at my end.


Any idea what caused this and when the final close down date for 10.1 is please so I can plan ahead and be fully prepared?

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I have my template back in 10.1

A similar thing to this used to happen when 10.1 was the only version.  I was reminded of this because a ProScreener window had been added to my active windows. 

What I have as my preferred saved template are: PRT, Lists, daily chart, hourly chart, 5 minute chart.  In Windows 7, these appear in a menu when I hover the cursor over the Java icon in my system tray. 

After today's fix the list includes a ProScreener window ("Bearish engulfing" as it happens) between the PRT window and the Lists window. 

As I've never used ProScreener it is nothing I've done by using 10.3 in the time 10.1 was not working properly.

As a workaround I've emptied the list in the ProScreener window.  I don't know what will turn up when next I restart 10.1.


Since using 10.3 over the past day or so I've noticed a difference in the way 10.3 (as opposed to 10.1) treats markets set to different time zones and I've sent an email with screenshots to the IG helpdesk in the hope that you can forward it to PRT so that they can check it out.  In addition, exploring this issue is made harder by the rather cumbersome need for a system restart each time a time a time zone setting is changed.  I don't recall that being necessary in 10.1.  But, whether it is or not, in 10.1 I set the time zone once for BOVESPA (the Rio exchange) and had no further problems.  In 10.3 that is not the case.


It's extremely welcome to have 10.1 working properly again.  I do have a list of suggestions for how PRT might be improved and I'll certainly send it via the app.  I'll copy it in this thread too when it's ready.  For now though I'd just like to say that there are too many complicating factors in the mix to be able to draw a staright line between the numbers using the various versions of PRT and their potential value to the client.  Weight of numbers is not always a guarantee - if it ever was - that we are doing the right thing. 


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As promised, here's my submission (sent also to IG through PRT > Help > "Technical Support")  regarding the loss of functionality in PRT 10.3:


Following our recent discussion of the various versions of PRT, here are my observations regarding the ways in which  PRT v10.3 falls short of the functionality of v10.1 and suggestions for how functionality should be restored:
Make it possible to turn off change to chart background when focus goes to that chart
Make it possible to turn of highlighting price and % change in chart header
Make it possible to view  a continuous chart for any market once the time zone is set for that market
Make it possible to leave the time axis set to the user's own time regardless of market  (the adjustment should be to the data, not the chart framework as well; or at least there should be a choice offered).  This was an option in 10.1 but is missing from 10.3 (unless it is the option "Use the time zone of the computer".  If so, it is not obvious that that is what the option does and, in any case, choosing that option does not produce the result I want on my system.  In addition, the need to restart the app every time a change is made to the time settings is onerous and unnecessary; it was not required in 10.1.
In general, when referring to time zones and the settings available, a set of labelled examples would be useful for ease of interpretation of the controls.  Perhaps a video tutorial would help.  
Offer the possibility to build daily charts from intraday data.
Last, but not least (and I've been requesting this since 10.2 first appeared), please restore the transparent circle in the menu of cursor types.  Please make this a cursor type rather than an add-on to the various other cursors.
I would also respectfully request that support for v10.1 should continue until the latest revision matches the functionality of the original.

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Hi Will -

Focusing on one item at a time, as I mentioned in an email to the IG helpdesk, today I had an email from Jaymen on the problem of setting time zones.  He wrote:


It appears that 10.1 will cut out the gaps automatically, which is why it appears continuous. On 10.3 I can see that it leaves the gaps between the market open/close times. Can you please simply try changing the trading hours of the market to reflect the hours that the Brazil 60 trades at? I've just tried this myself as you can see in my screenshot and you'll notice the chart is now continuous.


I've done as he suggested and the BOVESPA does indeed seem to come in as a continuous chart now.  However, the US500 (IG's SPX, or S&P500) does not.  This is at the root of the problem.  In 10.1 all I have to do is nothing at all and both the S&P and the BOVESPA come in as they should.  The only difference between markets is that the US500 data comes in 24/7 and the BOVESPA  comes in during market hours only (as expected if IG does not offer out-of-hours trading on BOVESPA).

I cannot find a way to adjust the settings in 10.3 to reproduce the behaviour of 10.1.


Here are screenshots illustrating this.  All are taken within 10.3:



As you can see, if the US500 behaves as it should then the BOVESPA appears incorrectly, and vice versa.

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