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Some of it very true, but he is only telling half the truth.He is hiding the other half, so it makes it easier to sell his education, seminars and books.If he told the other half, nobody would buy anything from him.


Same as Wyckoff , he was a broker ,who wrote books , sold t/a and bs , so they would all generate more income for his brokerage.Most of his teachings are probably not true either.


Now you have an industry of blind leading the blind , or marketeers of misinformation.

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Elder might have failed at trading, because his income is from books,seminars,videos and selling holiday camps to wealthy and corporate holiday makers. He does not even discuss ,or maybe does not know 10% of trading psychology.Wonder if professional trading is  about the blind leading the blind.

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Are robots (programmed by people) not going to suffer the same conundrum? I liked the growing sophistication of thought processes shown in the series of cartoons that finally arrive at a headache which seemed about right to me. 


Cognitive flexibility, the ability to switch quickly is a tricky thing to reprogram in the self and probably a bit easier in the bot, that's probably all it comes down to. 

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Robots are disciplined, they can cut their losses, they can change their direction whilst the human brain is lost, in 50 different psychological flaws of the human mind.


Humans don't like to lose.Cut your losses ,take your losses, emotions can be controlled , according to fake Gurus .


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Now,  you realize you are suffering from a psychological defect of  the human brain in trading , that Casey needs to be right ,about punctuation and grammar  and most importantly trading entry.


so CASEY will close trades  prematurely , because he needs to be roight,




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Wall street has realized the flaws of the human mind in trading, it makes more money from automated hft, something humans can not do.A little guy can now trade  with 50 robots, trading about 20 strategies simultaneously  through the use of EAS. Humans find it difficult to trade 1 strategy successfully, but now with IG'S low lot sizes and mt4, it is possible for little humans to succeed in an industry, where everything was promoted for the benefit of the bucket shops and bots also  overcome the psychological demons of humans in trading.The bots can win against the psychological demons, by bots avoiding them and by letting 50 bots sit patiently,until there is an opportunity to make money.The latter avoids the traps of the bucket shops, the bots will soon start winning the war with chinese  EAS.

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This split personalities very evident on forums, but not on this forum,only clients are allowed here.You may get hundreds of personalities on private forums, all of them are designed to employ split personalities, to promote their agendas against the little man.


Refco's daughter had her own forum, the daughter followed the same blood of Refco, carrying out illegal activities against clients.Last year .the cftc banned  Refco's bad blood brokerage outfit from carrying out it's activities in the United States.Stooges of the 5%  were present on every forum, their job was to prevent the little man from being profitable.


The 5 % has stooges planted every where to ensure the little guys do not become profitable, the 5% will try to prevent the 95% their victims, that is how the industry is set up.


The problem will remain, but it is not in the long term interests of the honest broker.


It is virtually impossible task for the little man to design profitable robots, one has to experience and understand profitable trading The industry is the blind leading the blind.Those who failed write books,teach,coach,sell seminars,signals and generally breed the failures of tomorrow.Those who can do, those who can't teach,write books,sell  signals.coach, educate and sell maps of technical analysis..Those who can trade,trade!Those who know nought are gurus to the new failures of tomorrow.


The internet will eliminate the problem,sooner or later.Most of the failures will not be gurus for long, word gets around,they hang around internet marketing sites.

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Of course the main problem with split personalities is that it may lead the person to develop multiple persona which can lead to all kinds of complications. Here for example oilfxpro is trying to explain why he is using his third login name to reply to a question addressed to his second login name before finally signing off in his first login name.


You can see how confusing this can get so why bother? Well, if you like to engage baiting and flaming I presume the pretence that there are a number of you instead of just one might make it more effective.


Some think that it is their precise punctuation and grammar trademarks that give them away but those are just the final proof, what really gives them away is the same general manner and attitude of the text.



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