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Contributor of the Month - November


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The November competition is now closed! 

We are in the process of finalizing the competition and will be posting the winners today (Dec 1st)  


Hi all 


Your participation in the IG Community is highly valued, and with that in mind we would like to introduce a Contributor of the Month award as our way of saying thank you.


In November we’ll be selecting our favourite contributors in the community, based on both the quality and quantity of their posts. This means the winner won’t necessarily be the person who posts the most messages, but someone who has really helped to bring the community to life.


Ways to increase your chances of being Contributor of the Month

  • Posting quality content across a broad range of topics. A few quality posts a week on market movements and trade ideas, or helpful replies to questions from others, is preferable over quantity.
  • Commenting on our Morning Call and IG Features. (See an example list below).
  • Helping others, as well as giving and receiving ‘Accepted Solutions’ and ‘Likes’.
  • Adding to your posted content with rich media such as chart pictures, links, and videos.

How you would decrease your chances of being Contributor of the Month

  • Multiple or irrelevant posts which may be construed as spam.
  • Content which breaks our terms of service. 


1st place (the winner) will receive a £200* gift voucher and £50* worth of trading books. **

2nd place will receive a £125* gift voucher and £50* worth of trading books. **

3rd place will win a £75* gift voucher.


You will also have the 'Contributor of the Month' badge added to your profile and a special icon next to your name for the proceeding month so all Community members are aware of your contributions.


We’ll be running this throughout the calendar month of November 2017, and the competition is subject to our terms and conditions. I will continue to post updates and hints / tips on how you can improve your chances of winning on this thread so make sure you check back every few days.

IG Winner Badge.png 

If you have any questions please ask below.


All the best
Community Manager


* - Or the AUD, SGD, ZAR equivalent

** - Or a donation of the price sum equivalent to Unicef

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Example of IG Features and IG created content on Community. The below list may be useful if you don't know where to start:

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The internet is awash with hindsight technical analysis, hindsight results (you would have made profit of £x000), if you had caught the trend.These analysts are like your match of the day singers, singing after the event.These people can not play and do it today.They teach after the events.


Everybody here wants to successful , profitable and make money.All this dumb singing is no good to traders, if they can't make money by listening to this hindsight "would be /could be profits" , if you can't actually make money with it.It is pointless and useless to post analysis,  that can not be applied in live trading to make money.


The criteria of quality posting is 

1) a strategy is posted , one any other trader can use.

2)The trades set up are posted in advance 

3)There is credibility in the post with logical explanations of trade

4)It shows  methods of how to trade the instruments (without any agenda of selling anything to other members)






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Why on earth would you consider this forum should be just about a strategy? Besides not being the point of a forum could you imagine the sheer tedium of it?


Every thread would start 'I found this on the internet and the bloke said it was real good', then (as we have seen repeatedly on this and other forums) after a few lucky wins there is lots of boasting but muffled noise on the losers. And then after a few months, silence. Then a few months later starts all over again with a new strategy.


The point is no single strategy works in all market conditions and it takes several months if not years for a market to transition through those different conditions. So pick your market and pick your strategy. 


I am personally grateful if someone offers a heads up as to what a market is doing now because no one can watch them all all the time. Spotting changing market conditions is far more important than a single trade. That is what all the technical analysis is about and to me is a far better use of a forum and so for me your 'criteria for quality posts' is redundant.

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There is so much noise on trading forums, the information required to be be profitable, it is like looking for  a needle in a haystack.The 25 new threads every week, as an example of Elite trader forum in the link, is actually a waste of time for the professional traders.


Only one thread is enough for the professional, A professional does not need others to tell him about spotting changing market conditions.They already know how to read market conditions themselves.Pointing out market conditions for amateurs is not going to help them trade profitably, if there is no method provided.



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For example, pointing out that someone is using a long only day strategy during a two week downtrend will help an amateur trade more profitably. Information is never a waste of time and speaking of 'Elite Trader Forum' here is the thread of a real professional trader, takes a while to get through it but well worth it (skim past the questions, they get repeated in with the replies).  He describes his early days in a Sydney prop firm, how he survived black swan events, and how he took his equity curve up through a million plus and provides his account stats for proof. He shows with graphs and charts and his account stats exactly how he did it.







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I have seen hundreds of these types of posts and threads  on forums , with photoshop edited profitable trading results, the sole objective of convincing visitors of the delusionary existence of some elite traders  on forums.These threads are generated every week on trading forums by fake traders and pretenders.You can also read the forum owner's post  here, a typical response  when these clowns are caught.These photoshop geniuses are very good at fabricating profitable results on trading.




I also read  the review on these sites, just in case you were not aware









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Hi ,  thanks for sharing the very considerable and detailed analytical work you have done for Norcros, must be of an interest to anyone trading shares, very enlightening and well thought out and well worth a 'like'.


Checkout the first post in this thread for detailed information on the Contributor of the Month award and the criteria IG will be using to judge contributions over the month.

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