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Platform stopped working: IG says Sky and Talk Talk broadband to blame



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Hello again all,


I just wanted to pass on our apologies again for the technical issues experienced over the course of Friday and this morning.  We treat any sort of technical problem as high priority, as of course it is in our best interests to have the platform fully functional for you our clients.  We're also more than happy to acknowledge any issues which arise, and the reason we mentioned the ISPs' involvement was due to testing indicating that the issue lay with streaming over certain networks.


We're confident everything is up and running again fully now, but please always get in touch should you think there are issues and we'll look into them as quickly as possible.


Thank you once again for your patience,



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My Watchlist(s) were working again but Open Positions wasn't updating.  Closed and opened and signed out/in a couple of times and, fingers crossed, OP seems to be updating now.  Still seems a bit slower than on Watchlists and compared to last week when working normally?

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Same issue here.  Experienced since Friday.  Initially seemed to not be working via any webservice provider but seemed to be better through my mobile if wifi turned off.  Hardly an effective solution though, particularly as my mobile phone battery only charges once taken out of the phone due to the charging port being kaput!  V frustrating indeed given the service we are meant to receive.  The responses so far from the Helpdesk have been sadly lacking from what I'd expect of a regulated company.  Think the more who make formal expressions of dissatisfaction / complaints then hopefully more resource will be thrown at a resolution.  Failing that, the only way to vote on this would be with our feet to another spread-bet provider.  Seems like the only thing that will engender any urgency to resolve.

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PC - Same problem here......live data on classic and new platforms just died a few days ago. However, prices on PRT charts appear to be operational, not much movement on them as I write, but can't tell if they're knackered or just a very quiet market!! 


Contacted IG (on live chat) and as per others I received the standard "it's nothing to do with us, it's somebody else's fault" response from IG aimed at a few ISP's this time that apparently weren't working and the chap on live chat pasted a link to a site displaying ISP's that currently had problems..... "how are we having this online chat, on my PC, over fibre then?" I asked, no response from chap, there's a surprise! My fibre connection is working perfectly, as is every other bit of software I use on my PC. I tried to explain that I can access the IG website perfectly well and login etc, I'm just not getting any live data displayed back to me. Bottom line, the poor chap was clearly as in the dark as I was/am.


Next stop, check platform via 3g on my iphone and attempt to narrow potential causes for problem.


PHONE -  I turned off my wifi and opened the IG app on my iphone via 3g....before I logged in to the app I clicked the "live prices" tab and NO data was returned to me, no prices displayed at all, blank. When I logged in with my details, the app appeared to be working normally..........the "live prices" tab has never been blank before when I've selected it and IMO points towards an IG issue, after all I'm accessing the site via a mobile device using 3g completely separate from my PC and ISP and there are still data issues. Things would have been much simpler if the app hadn't worked at all after i'd logged in, but still, it's clear there must be some problems at IG's end as data not being delivered prior to log in, even via 3g on mobile app.


As I write this, my PC works perfectly, as does every other bit of software i'm running and my fibre broadband connection is operating faultlessly, IG is the only software that is not operational.


Despite most fingers pointing towards an IG issue (as many previous issues have turned out to be, despite IG's protestation at the outset) I'm also acutely aware that my PC has been trying to shove a major Windows 10 software update down my throat for the last couple of weeks and wonder if this update could have something to do with the problems we are now experiencing?? (though this cannot and does not explain the data issues when connecting via my mobile device ((that isn't a Windows phone btw))) Anybody else recently performed a Windows 10 update? 





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Hello all, thank you for posting on here and apologies that this technical issue is ongoing.


We're investigating the root cause of the issue as a priority, and it does seem to be linked to Sky, TalkTalk, Hyperoptics and O2 customers.  The live streaming is the main area affected on the IG platform, as reported.


Short term fixes while we resolve this with the ISPs are to log in on your mobile 4G/3G rather than Wifi, as the data should stream fine if you have a good connection.  You can also call our dealing line (0207 896 0000) for any live quotes and trades, although please do bear with higher than usual call volumes. 


Once again, our sincere apologies that this issue is ongoing.  We're doing everything we can to liaise with the ISPs and to resolve this as quickly as possible.


Thank you very much for your patience, and please let me know any more questions you may have.



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Same problem for me too - the platform will not update making it very difficult to monitor open positions!

I am with Sky broadband but I have no issues with my other broker (FXCM) the problem is only with the IG feed.

Can someone from IG please respond to this and let us know what is being done (if anything) to resolve this issue?

Or is IG taking the stance that this is a Sky broadband problem and therefore it is Sky that should resolve it?




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I had the same problem last week and its happening again this morning. IG need to get this issue sorted ASAP or i'll have no option but to move my account elsewhere. Creating a hotspot does resolve the issue initially but we need a long term fix.

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I have the same problem since 22/06/2017 morning around 10am to date.. i am loosing money due to this issues..I inform to IG 3-4 times but they did not solve the problem..they blame to internet provider, I am not using sky or Talk talk, I am with Hyperoptics. I tried with mobile network hotspot but unfortunately IG platform not working with it.. I think this issues may be from IG, not from internet provider..IG has to be involved to solve this serious problem and keep clients happy, otherwise I am thinking to change my broker, because I had the similar problem about 3-4 weeks and IG did not solve it, they just argued with me. 

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Just did a couple of test and it does appear to be traffic over broadband only. I turned wifi off on my phone and connected over my mobile network (Three), and the app was working ok. If you need to use your pc you could try using your phone as a wifi hot spot over the mobile network.


Charts on dailyfx seem to be working ok. I have been monitoring movements on there.

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Thank you for letting me know.

Sky\s customer service have no idea about this problem, and cannot suggest a solution.

All other broadband works perfectly - it's just this data that is missing.

I hope it will resolve in time.


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Yes. I have same issue. I'm with Sky. Started mid morning. Can log in, it will show latest status of open position, but won't update, and won't update the charts. Kept logging in and out to check latest position.

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