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Welcome to the IG Community that offers many benefits for financial markets education. We promote autonomous learning by providing opportunities for traders to take more control of their learning. This space allows you to express your trading ideas or trading news you find interesting as well as interact with other likeminded traders. 




Promoted news (Our Picks) – Why it’s there ?


This will help you grow with your knowledge of the financial markets understanding and staying updated with the latest news from around the world that affects and moves the markets. Knowing what news events and reports are scheduled or updates for a trading day or a week will help keep you informed on potential market movements. When trading in any market, it is very important for new traders to be aware of the various economic indicators and news events and releases that shape the markets. Being able to distinguish which data to look out for, discerning what it means and knowing how to trade it can give traders an edge and set them up long-term. On the community we regularly contribute to various content threads and discussions, we offer a wide array of research related products and tools that can help enhance a traders overall experience.





How to find the forum section


Visit the IG Community website and you can view forum threads and start a new topic.

On the overview page when you scroll down you can view the latest forum posts.





You can click the forum tab and there you will find forums such as strategy and market discussion where you can discuss and read market related information such as commodities, shares and ETFs, investments, share dealing and smart portfolios, indices and macro events, cryptocurrency and blockchain, foreign exchange (FX) and lastly general trading strategy discussion. 





New to IG forum will show new to IG Community and new client trading questions.




Help: Trading, Platforms, Apps and Chart support you will find forums such as IG trading support – dealing questions, IG account support – MyIG help, IG technical support – Platform and App help, IG chart support – charts, MT4 and PRT and lastly feedback and suggestions.





Unread content


This area shows posts across the whole community that you haven't seen over the last year. We have the newest ones at the top so you can see the most up to date posts from members.




Who the moderators are and how to quote/ tag them


The IG Community moderators are @MongiIG @ArvinIG @AndaIG


You can click follow on forums or members that interest you and to reply on the posted forum you can click on reply to this topic and start a new topic.


Submit reply and we will gladly assist you.



Notifications, what they mean and how to open them


We'll show you these notifications when you visit the community - just click the bell icon. Notifications that are sent to your devices even if you're not currently browsing. Notifications that we send as an email go to email address.




IG Community Tutorials 


Snapshot articles to help you get the most out of IG Community please kindly visit:








How to follow other members in the community.


There are a number of areas within Community which you can ‘Follow’. Threads, community members, blogs, and gallery posters. When you click on the ‘follow’ link you will be asked specifics on how often you would like to be updated on the content published. You can see an example below of a ‘follow’ on the Cryptocurrency thread.


You can also follow individuals by visiting their profile (simply click on their name), however the updates options are slightly different. You can also decide if you want others to know you are following a specific individual. This is a good option if you like the content someone posts, want to keep up to date with stuff the Community manager or moderator’s posts, or even the IG analysts.




IGTV On Demand

We have an internal team that produces content, live news updates, data and analytics in real time financial market coverage which helps you the trader to engage in the worlds financial markets.



Happy trading and look forward to your first post!


All the best - MongiIG


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