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The Most Volatile Currency Pairs and How to Trade Them

FX markets are susceptible to a range of factors which affect their volatility, and many traders look to tailor their strategies to capitalize on the most volatile currency pairs. Currency volatility, often measured by calculating the standard deviation or variance of currency price movements, gives traders an idea of how much a currency might move relative to its average over a given time period. Traders can also gauge volatility by looking at a currency pair’s average true range or 


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Amazon and Twitter to report earnings shortly after 9pm (UK time)

Amazon and Twitter to report earnings shortly after 9pm (UK time) The multinational tech giant and the popular social media platform will release earnings tonight. Keep an eye on these stocks to see how the market reacts.   Twitter earnings – What to expect Advertising services account for close to 90% of Twitter’s revenue, which saw a dip in 1H 2020 as businesses cut back on marketing spend in times of Covid-19. However, investors may note that on the back of improving econo


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Roblox share price: What’s the outlook following blockbuster listing?

Roblox share price surges following direct listing Online games company Roblox has joined a long-list of companies from the last year – including the likes of Snowflake, Bumble and Unity – which have enjoyed a strong day one pop following their listing on public markets. Unlike those three companies however, Roblox skipped the IPO process completely, instead choosing to take the direct listing approach. Compared to an IPO, under a direct listing, a company sells its shares directly wit


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GameStop shares: what you need to know

The surge in GameStop has caught the market’s attention, and that of financial media. A small retail stock, in an industry in long-term decline, has seen its market value rise very rapidly, as retail traders, coordinating via the website Reddit, have bought into the stock using options, forcing the hedge funds that have taken short positions in it to close out their trades, pushing the stock yet higher. What is a short squeeze? This short squeeze is a classic market move, familiar


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